Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wedding Over, Cooking with Husband In

Our one month wedding anniversary is today! Oh, how the time flies by so fast! Although all the hard work I put into wedding planning paid off immensely, I am glad to start married life and get back to cooking with my husband. We're armored with top of the line (Calphalon One Hard Anodized Non-Stick) pans and pots, Wusthof knives, food processor, new and improved kitchen utensils and accessories, etc. So exciting! I cooked my first meal in a new pan last night so I will post the recipe here soon.

I love this picture. It's so classic, yet very paradoxical - like we're taking a leasurely walk in the park on such a busy day as our wedding day. I think it's so adorable that he's holding my bouquet!

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  1. LOVE the pictures! We will have to exchange some fun recipes!! :D